Updated Reviews section on Sony Mobile Facebook

Since the end of 2008 Sony Mobile has tried a number of campaigns and activities to engage with the fans and have a dialogue with them. One activity that was launched already 2009 is actually still around, which is quite amazing for Facebook. It doesn't look the same as it did back then but the idea still holds and we recently launched the latest version of this app Reviews. In Reviews, the fans can interact with the brand they love and make their voice heard regarding the things that they care for most – Sony Mobile phones and accessories.

The major feature of Reviews is of course intact – write a review, rate the phone and then publish and share the review on Facebook. But as Facebook users are more and more mobile, Facebook has needed to adapt to that. For a long time, Facebook apps have not been possible to reach via cells and tablets, but this has now been changed. Subsequently, we have now adapted Reviews to the new standard as well, and it can now be reached through any device – desktop or mobile.

We have also made some changes in order to make it even easier to engage with the reviews – not only when making one. With the latest release of Reviews we have included greater possibilities for sharing; i.e. commenting, liking and linking. Since Sony Mobile wants to drive dialogue on multiple platforms, the next thing to be released will be to show reviews in the e-shop section as well as on the product pages on sonymobile.com.