Sony unveils a new showcase for the press

Sony Mobile wanted to integrate the flow of corporate news and press releases with its product and GreenHeart blog posts into a brand new News section on the dotcom site. The previous blog solution was in need of performance improvements and a graphic redesign. Moreover, Sony Mobile wanted to present their press releases in another audience context than the previous more traditional media targeted one. At the same time the former corporate pages (About us/What we do etc.) resided in a CMS platform which was to be phased out and needed updating in connection with the new news room.

KAN was given the assignment to design and implement the new News section as well as the corporate pages, the number of which had been reduced now that Sony Mobile had become a division within Sony. The implementation was based on WordPress, so as to be consistent with the rest of the Sony Mobile site. The time plan was aggressive as the task had to be dealt with during the summer vacation months, with a non-negotiable deadline when the old CMS would be closed down. But we like a challenge.

With a two-phase approach we started off with the implementation of the new blog and the corporate pages in order to be able to finalize prior to the closing down of the former CMS platform, which we managed. Thereafter, we attacked the press releases. In the meantime they could continue to be published in the temporary, separate solution we created and launched prior to the CES 2012 exhibition. And in time for CES 2013 – according to plan –the new press release solution was put to use.

Site statistics show that the desired effects were met – readership has e.g. doubled compared to the old blog, both in number of views and in time spent on the blog. And we think the design of the solution showcases Sony Mobile’s fantastic content, providing – as per the brief – visually compelling communication in line with the beautiful product design and easily accessible assets for the press audience.