Sony product reviews get smarter

The Sony Mobile social team at KAN recently developed a new and improved Review App for Sony Mobile. The widget allows users to leave a written review, give a star rating and highlight favourite features of XperiaTM products.

What do you do when you’re thinking about upgrading your phone? Talk to a sales guy? Check product websites? Or look for experiences from someone who’s used the phone? According to a recent report, 88% of all consumers search for user reviews before making a purchase decision*. Genuine peer feedback is always more convincing than the guy who wants you to buy their product. That’s why Sony Mobile, with help from KAN, recently upgraded their reviews feature to make it more adaptable, social and market relevant.

The beauty of the new app is that it can be embedded on any Sony page. Local Sony markets can make their content richer by adding the review option to campaign sites, Facebook feeds and product pages on the main Sony site. The app includes an auto-translate function, which delivers all reviews in the 96 Sony market languages. So now every country has a huge bank of reviews from around the world to share with their customers. Other users can comment and feedback on the reviews and share them on social platforms, creating a next level of traction for Sony products.

Reviews not only act as a natural conduit to purchase, but they also illustrate business transparency and confidence in their offering, which ultimately creates a relationship of trust with the customer.

*Web Republic