Sony Mobile's new online shop

When Sony Mobile decided to redesign their online shop last spring, they once again chose KAN as their partner. The shop is one of the key sections on the Sony Mobile site, and at the time of the project start it had just been given its own prime billing in the top navigation. The brief was to make the shop more in line with the Sony Mobile brand and story, with a shopping experience that's easy, fun and intuitive. Sony Mobile identified a few crucial areas for improvement: a less complicated and more transparent buying process, better social sharing possibilities, a more recognizable e-commerce experience and more space for call-to-actions and special offers.

Simpler and more intuitive
KAN set to work designing a shop that was slimmed down, for a cleaner, bolder impression and a simpler buying experience. We focused on bringing more recognizable e-shop details and call-to-actions to the site so that users felt familiar with the experience, as well as secure in their shopping.

The original brief asked for more social sharing to the online shop. We implemented a social sharing bar below every product and have planned integrated Facebook reviews and comments as the next step in making the site even more social.

Behind the scenes improvements
In order to help the shop managers in their need for a more powerful sales and campaign tool, we designed and specified adjustments to the content management interface and at the same time the underlying platforms were streamlined. These changes made the backend of the shop more flexible and easier to work with. The simplified design also made more room for campaigns and offers without crowding or cluttering the site.

The finished shop is simpler, more intuitive and more distinctively Sony Mobile. It aims to balance the needs of targeted buyers who want a quick shopping experience with those who need a little more inspiration and information before deciding. The shop went live in the early fall and already Sony Mobile has seen an increase in conversion. We're confident that this increase will continue when we launch the redesigned checkout as part of the next phase of the project.

The Sony Mobile online shop is currently present in seven countries: UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, with plans to expand to more countries in the near future. In close cooperation with the eCommerce team at Sony Mobile and the tech implementation partner, Cybercom, KAN has been responsible for IA and design (usability, function and graphic). And since the launch, we’ve continuously created content for the shop.