Sony Mobile launches their “smartest” competition

What are Sony SmartTags and what do they do? That’s what Sony Mobile asked us to answer with a competition on Facebook. While we were at it, we wanted to create a little SmartTags buzz as well. KAN hatched the idea of “8 hours of smartness”, a live-streamed competition on Sony Mobile’s Facebook page.

To illustrate the possibilities of NFC SmartTags, we filled a board with 100 tags. When an Xperia phone was held near a tag, each tag would trigger an action, and a few would trigger a win. The goal was to pick a winning tag on the grid. An Xperia studio was built, the tags were programmed and a film team was brought in. On November 1st the competition began, and streamed for eight hours straight.

Hundreds of fans got in line every hour, waiting for their chance to “sink a battleship” and win a prize. Behind the controls sat KAN’s team, making sure the game mechanics were working and that all that incoming traffic didn't affect the real-time experience for users.

So was all that SmartTag programming, studio build-up and costume changing worth it? Yes, with contestants from over 130 countries, 14,000 “likes” and 700 comments, we’d say it was pretty smart.

“From the Accessories team we wanted to share the smartness and ease of use of the SmartTags in an engaging, fun and innovative way,” says Annelie Hoff, Head of Global Marketing & Communications for Companion Products at Sony Mobile. “With the 8hrs of Smartness- activity we did just that and together with the response from our fans on Facebook we are very happy with the outcome.”

“8 hours of smartness” was created with lots of help from our friends at King Edward Film Production.