KAN tipsar: Thick data - logikdriven magi

På årets Webbdagarna i Malmö pratade vår strateg Divya om begreppet thick data och hur det kan användas för att bättre förstå kundens behov:

It is becoming harder for marketers and brands to be visible and audible. Consumers are bombarded with messaging. With omni-channel presence and multi-device communication, messaging has become extremely fragmented and short lived. Our attention spans have drastically reduced and brands are loosing information monopoly. Geo-targeted messaging is based on what is assumed of us, notification and social ads are marketing norms. With AI and VR we expect to experience something even before we actually experience it. How can marketers create relevant communication?

Thick Data can help you to ‘know your consumers’. In my experience of working with agency and corporate communication, I have helped brands connect with their audience and reach their business goals using Thick Data

Thick Data is not Big Data. It is a powerful combination of qualitative data & quantitative data. Qualitative data is behavioral insights of your consumer’s everyday lives. It is data gathered by interacting with you consumers or prospective audience to identify the relationship they share with your brand or your competition. And, quantitate data is statistical data about your consumers buying habits leading you to measure engagement, loyalty, leads and conversion.

For case studies and further understanding of how you can use Thick Data to improve your business goals, get in touch with us or drop a line to Divya Ostwal.

Ni hittar presentationen i sin helhet på Slideshare: