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"Unmasking Chewbacca Mom"

5 lessons in digital marketing from spring’s biggest meme

Things go viral for a reason. Even if they seem unpredictable or unexpected, each viral success has secrets to share with us – about what we need right now, what we’re inspired to create, and what we like to share with others.

In May 2016, Candace Payne bought herself a talking Chewbacca Mask, made a video in her car, and managed to create the most successful Facebook live video to date – with over 160 million views. What can we take away from this viral event? What was it tapping into and how can we use those insights?

For marketers, the Chewbacca Mom phenomenon reminds us that:
1. Authenticity is key
2. Humour has sales potential
3. Unboxing is alive and well
4. Real-time marketing is both powerful and risky.

And what we learn from the backlash that ended Chewbacca Mom’s ride is…:
5. Sometimes the best way to stay relevant is to stay silent.

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