Adding further strength to our copywriter team

KAN has always had a lot of international clients, whose primary language when communicating with their customers and consumers is English. With the increasing amount of assignments for communication, content marketing, brand and communication platforms and story telling for social media, KAN has recruited not one but two new colleagues to our copywriting team. Both of them native English speakers. Being able to supply our clients with English text is key to us, and with our latest additions to the team we have broadened our native offer significantly – from journalistic texts and storyboards for film, to concepts, content strategy and punchy one-liners. All in English – British, Australian and American – how about that!

Lara Cole joins us from Australia, where she has spent the last three years working for Australian Red Cross, producing social media posts, web copy, multimedia content and digital strategy. Lara is a journalist and a content producer who loves telling great stories. In pursuit of a great story she has worked in far flung northern Australia covering crocodile attacks, at the BBC in London covering breaking world news and in Sydney producing documentaries and content for the national broadcaster. Having just moved to Sweden from Sydney with her son Otto and husband Marcus (who also works at KAN), Lara is keen to learn more Swedish, try more fika and see more snow! We promise you that you will learn a lot of Swedish and we are very, very good at fika here at KAN, but the snow? Well – the rest of us are looking forward to spring, and we promise you – it will be a treat after the horrible Skåne winter.

Graham Land is a true globetrotter turned “malmöit”. Born and bred In Washington DC, he has lived in Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, Greece and London. And, of course, good old Malmö in Sweden. Graham is a musician turned journalist and copywriter. His previous work has focused mainly on environmental issues, travel/tourism, history and website rewrites. Highlights include diverse assignments such as being Editor in Chief at; a regular column at Asian Correspondent; scriptwriting and gameplay creation for the European Commission; speechwriting for a women's conference in Saudi Arabia; and writing brochures for Inuit Adventures, Northern Canada. Graham loves using his imagination and creativity — and sometimes disappear into it. During the last couple of years his inspiration has found new sources: marriage (yes, he is married to our copywriter Meghan) and a son named Hugo.

Lara and Graham joins a large team of copywriters here at KAN. We have our three native English copywriters, Amy Leo, Meghan Young and Rowan Drury. To add to this, we also have our three Swedish copywriters, Josefin Boucht, Agnes Thunell and Henrik Zackrisson. All of them experienced copywriters with broad skillsets – conceptual copy, communication platforms and content strategy as well as content production for diverse client needs.